Matcha set - all you need for a good break.

Matcha set - all you need for a good break.

New nordic design for our matcha assortment 2019
- goes well with Kimber Foods nut assortment.


Since 2010

Working with us you get a partner that work with high-end tea producers, aiming to supply you with high quality of tea; black, green, herbal and ice tea that match the modern tea drinker.

We have had a long partnership with BOH teaplantation so we know they are able to meet the demands for quality both for the product and the team working daily with the tea production. Tea that gives value for us all and gives back to nature.

Contact us if you are looking for matcha, black tea, green tea, we love to support your business on a high level.

BOH iste - BOH iste fersken - BOH ice tea peach

BOH Ice Tea Peach

An easy way to make a truely great tea on the go. Simply add tea mix into your bottle of cold water and shake it. This is easy, tasty and refreshing.

BOH tea assortment - a tea for everyone.

BOH tea a perfect cuppa

BOH tea a perfect cuppa

So easy to make BOH Ice Tea in cold water.


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